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just so you are aware, part deux

After the whole server situation there's still troubles like I can't commit to SVN right now. Also i'm planning to attic the following:

- stroggos' crappy level (he stated to have intentionally made it crap and submitted it because "oa will accept anything of shit quality". ) actually this won't be attic'd, it will be completely deleted since he is calling OA shit for having it at all just to support his lame anti-OA statements.
- q3dm6ish. no interest to improve the map
- angelyss/sly. one of the ugliest skins in the game
- arachna/widowe. the color scheme isn't right for team games, and appears very bright and looks stupid anyway
- tony unless he is improved
- beret unless he is improved
- ayumi unless she is improved. Animations are bad, rig is worse and clipping is horrendous.

I myself, will try to do:
- Sorceress
- New BFG muzzleflash, projectile and noise
- More missionpack menus
- Missionpack MD3s of goals and things (really vital)
- New bullet casing. You won't be ejecting popcorn kernels from your guns in 0.8.0 anymore.
- bug mingmeijun because i keep forgetting to
- New machinegun. Actually I already did the model and committed that to the SVN (and boy does it look great), the skin is just pending. I suck at skinning guns, so i'll pass.
- bug harekiet for particles
- do a release before july or i'll look like a hole!!!
- balance work between this and 7 other projects instead of just typing "HEY GUYS IM MAKING THIS GAME" all over my msn and irc and not actually doing anything. (Yep i'm turning into what my forum rank is and I desperately want to do something about it. At least I admit it)
- Record new item pickup sounds. I have learned that cabbage is great for guns and flesh. No more mechanical plastic nonsense here.
- Improvise some music of actual melody. When I track something from scratch I completely lose my sense of melodic composition. Humming it first, recording that hummumbling then trying to track it seems to resolve some of this issue. I know it worked for Garth Marenghi (for Garth Marenghi's DarkPlace). Making FF4 covers in .MOD format doesn't help my skills much though I do learn some clever tricks when trying to get some complex songs down.
- Learn proper good presentation. Trying to do it all in VirtualDub was painful even though that's supposedly the #1 recommended video tool of all time. Gotta be a joke. Please watch and accept the following as a grain of salt (This is about 0.7.1 btw, not 0.8.0 which doesn't even have close to anywhere of enough material for promotional trailers)

If you think the music sucks, then you're right. I made it myself.

p.s. the oa team is not big, don't be fooled by all that media and a complete game. We're looking for blender-proficient artists that can animate, artists that can skin (from scratch mind you, not using non-free textures) and also looking for tracker musicians willing to utilize only freepats samples. Strict I know, but it's better safe than sorry. We're not desperate enough to accept non-Free material and thieves like Sitters (LOL UFO:AI, YOU HAVE A BLATANT ART THIEF ON YOUR TEAM AND YOU DON'T CARE LOL, oh wait its destined to stay non-free forever since it has halo guns for years, uses xcom franchise trademarks and oh lets not forget all those non-Free q3 and hl resources used. Is this a flame?? ufoai's not even a fps so i don't care.)

UPDATE: Now one of the other domains for the hosting are down so I'm unable to upload any files for the time being.
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