deee fault


since no one really answered my SOS call, i'm this close:


to closing the openarena project forever. There has been no outside contributions for more than 3 months.

The forums are disabled.
deee fault

just so you are aware, part deux

After the whole server situation there's still troubles like I can't commit to SVN right now. Also i'm planning to attic the following:

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p.s. the oa team is not big, don't be fooled by all that media and a complete game. We're looking for blender-proficient artists that can animate, artists that can skin (from scratch mind you, not using non-free textures) and also looking for tracker musicians willing to utilize only freepats samples. Strict I know, but it's better safe than sorry. We're not desperate enough to accept non-Free material and thieves Read more...Collapse )

UPDATE: Now one of the other domains for the hosting are down so I'm unable to upload any files for the time being.
deee fault

just so you are aware

i am aware the site is down at the moment due to server moves
i am also aware i have not done a thing for oa in months
i am also aware that the project is NOT DEFINITELY NOT DEAD it's just in some lazy phase still

p.s. the pace will pick up with Free contributions :)
deee fault

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i've cut out the suspiciously non-Free music out of OpenArena. Why?

- No editable sources
- No real GPL license
- Not tracker format
- Legally questionable samples (they certainly aren't freepats)

OA is now 253mb.
Missionpack is now 3.7mb.